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About The Roma Community

We receive gifts and funding to help support struggling families in the Bulgaria Roma Gypsy Community.


The volunteers and viewers of End Times News Ministry have adopted a Roma gypsy community in Bulgaria. The Lord lead one of our team to go and preach the gospel there in 2015, & seeing the poverty, lack of hygiene, education & other basic facilities, and the hunger for the gospel, under the leading of the Holy Spirit we have set to take the gospel to every home in this 36,000 strong ghetto, & accompany the preaching of the gospel with the demonstration of love, caring for the temporal well-being of these humble folk as well as their eternal condition.


  • Meals – We feed 100-150 children a hot meal and 3 pieces of fruit each, each Saturday

  • Clothing – We send boxes of clothes…

  • Church Services – We have built a church, holding 4 services each week

  • Library – We have built a library where children can study learn Bulgarian,and English, for 80 children

  • Child SponsorshipWe have set up a sponsor program for each child

  • KitchenWe have built a wet room in the drop in centre with kitchen facilities.

  • Home Improvement – We have built a toilet for one of the poorest families.


  • Take the Gospel to every home

  • Offer a school place to every child in the ghetto

  • Open small businesses to give our school leavers jobs

  • Build a home and provide family for the abandoned children

  • Increase the size of the school/church to accommodate revival

  • Install toilets in all homes

  • Have food available every day for the hungry

  • Send our boys to preach the gospel in the surrounding villages


A lot of homes in the Roma Gypsy Community do not have access to water, showers, or toilets. We try to help that by installing them into homes.

A lot of the children in the Roma Gypsy Community cannot afford food and are starving. We provide fresh, warm, and healthy foods to the children.

We’ve built a school in which we teach English, Bulgarian, and the Bible to our students!


Roma Gypsy Community

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